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About the Project

This blog is part of the project HIN UND HER: Ansichten in Transit / HERE AND THERE: Visions in Transit, which approaches the relationships between cities and artists as individuals as well. It serves as a platform for information exchange and artistic collaboration.

This project brings together artists that create works that are influenced by the themes and situations common to the places where they live. Although these places are geographically distant, they are connected by the effects of the urban spaces undergoing change, experiencing instability of personal identities). The artists intend to exchange visual materials that can be used on new productions that will take part in the public exhibition.

Brazilian and Foreign artists have been actively involved in the creation of artworks that are strongly influenced by the urban chaos. This project will bring the dialogue between the cities of São Paulo, São José dos Campos (Brazil) and Berlin (Germany). These places have been chosen because, in a way or another, they have been part of the artist’s life.  The artists have chosen to work together on a collaborative process that not excludes the authorship of each piece of work. The project aims to establish discussion on the places they live and work or just pass by.

In addition to blog, the project will result in a public exhibition. The exhibition is to be planned to work as a cartography that will invite visitors to do some investigation, moving through the space and artworks (installations, paintings, prints etc.)

The artists are offering a series of four workshops. These meetings should focus the integration between artists and public mainly. The participants (maximum of 10) will join up the artistic project  to contribute to the process by coming forward with their own experiences.

The project has started in January 2013 and will be finished in August 2013 and it is sponsored by the São Paulo State Government.

Posted by Isabel Ayres

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